Electrical Control & Panel Designing

ELECTRICAL CONTROL PANEL DESIGNING are the brain center for all industrial automation projects and represent a vital element in the proper working and performance of these systems. Control panels are most often equipped with push buttons, analog instruments, Monitoring devices Controllers and other accessories to control and monitor field devices. IPCS Automation offers Electrical Control Panels Designing program for long years. IPCS Electrical Control Panels Designing program is specially tailored for Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges. Lakhs of trainees from various countries successfully completed Electrical Control Panels Designing and placed on reputed companies all over the world. IPCS is an ISO certified company and IPCS SCADA training program is Affiliated by SIDCO (India), Training Accredited by IAO (USA), Training Approved by Supreme Education Council (Qatar), Training Certified By Delta Taiwan


Electrical Control Panel Designing – Duration : 60 hours (3 Hours per day)

1. Industrial Electrical Controls- design and installation

2. Control Panel Designing

3. PLCs in Electrical controls.