VFD Installation Professional

VFD (VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. VFDs are used in applications ranging from small appliances to the largest of mine mill drives and compressors. VFD is one of the most successful energy management tools ever applied for flexible speed and torque control of 3 phase motors. IPCS Automation offers VFD training program for long years. IPCS VFD training program is specially tailored for Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges. Lakhs of trainees from various countries successfully completed VFD training and placed on reputed companies all over the world. IPCS is an ISO certified company and IPCS VFD training program is Affiliated by SIDCO (India), Training Accredited by IAO (USA), Training Approved by Supreme Education Council (Qatar), Training Certified By Delta Taiwan

VFD Installation Professional – Duration – 30 hrs

Today Conventional motor starters are replaced by energy efficient Variable Frequency Drives. Variable Frequency Drives can provide maximum starting torque without causing complaint to motor windings. The course contents are

Seven major sessions in which training imparted are: