We, IPCS Automation, are dyed-in-the-wool to provide intelligent solutions for the ever-growing marine and industrial electrical, electronics, instrumentation and pneumatic environments. Experienced engineers dealing with high-end automation systems like PLCs, SCADA, HMI, PID controllers, single loop digital controllers, temperature controllers, control valve calibration and pneumatic systems are executing our projects to meet industrial standards. We are specialists in the areas of troubleshooting faults, up-gradation and retrofitting in marine and industrial electrical and electronics equipments and systems. IPCS Automation’s advanced control systems, application technologies and skilled personnel give you a competitive advantage in your production process right from the designing, down to the commissioning. Our open-architecture designs, full-fledged range of products and services, combined with a culture of cross-industry expertise, afford you flexibility in problem resolution from the component foundation to the business level. We provide free maintenance and immense support to our commissioned projects for one year and after that, can be extended with nominal charges. We also handle AMC for products of reputed make