Energy Management System

IPCS have developed energy management systems for logging the power consumption of several industries. Our expertise in the field of SCADA is utilized for developing better power management system which would give printed reports and proper alarms for intimating higher power consumption. Data logging will provide a historical trend which could be utilized for better and efficient power planning. IPCS is dedicated to implement an intelligent solution to energy losses in the industries. Almost 30% of the energy generated is wasted due to low power factor. We have provided solutions to power losses in many industries and have improved their power consumption. We have extensive experience in all aspects of real-time control and information systems. Our EMS services are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs in implementing the latest EMS/SCADA system technologies via system migration, phased system replacement or complete system replacement.


  • AMF panels
  • Power panels-MSB, PDB, LDB
  • Load Manager using PLC & SCADA
  • Power Monitoring using PLC & SCADA
  • LT & HT Panels
  • Capacitor panels with APFC Relays
  • Generator control panels
  • Auto Synchronization Panels
  • Control Panels with PLC System
  • Designing & Commission of Panel
  • Energy conservation Analysis