Marine Automation

IPCS is dedicated in providing the international marine industry with reliable, high quality ship automation systems, power management systems and security systems that altogether contributes to a safety at sea and greater efficiency and profitability of our esteemed clients. We achieve this with a profound understanding of our client’s needs, using the best of modern technologies and applying our expertise and skills to the research, development and servicing of our products. “Delivering Quality Products and Services on turnkey basis”,we design, construct, upgrade and retrofit all kinds of navigational instrumentation and electrical projects with marine standards. Our efficient spare – part networking system ensures smooth completion of the project within in the specified time.


  • E.C.R alarm systems
  • M/E & A/E alarms
  • Fire alarm systems
  • IOPP/ 15 PPM alarm systems
  • Navigation light alarm panels
  • Bilge alarm systems
  • Tank Monitoring & Control Systems


  • Design commissioning of panels
  • Passenger and goods elevators
  • Automation of CO2 release system
  • PA & Talk back systems
  • Engine telegraph
  • PCB repair service
  • Pneumaticand Hydraulic system;


  • Main Engine Controls
  • Auxiliary Engine controls
  • Steering controls
  • Switch board controls
  • AVR and Controls
  • Cargo winch and Crane controls